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Ketone Test Strips



Measure Ketones

Elysian Keto Test Strips are used for measuring whether you’re in ketosis based on ketones in your urine. Count on this doctor developed, high quality testing kit to give you results with precision. Unlike other products, these are convenient and easy to use at home, at work, or during travel.

Quick Results

Just pee on a strip, or in a cup and dip the strip. Tap off excess urine, then wait

40-60 seconds.

Compare the dipstick’s colour to our chart to determine if you’re in ketosis.

Contains 100 precision keto tester strips per bottle. If you test and monitor once per day, you can do urinalysis testing for 3 months plus with this one package. Works for women or men.

New to Keto? Sticks are great to see your progress on getting your body into ketosis.


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